5 tips to become Great Java Developer !

This blog will give you tips on how to become a Great Java Developer. Apart from the 5 below tips, it should be understood that, it takes time and you cannot become a great developer overnight. Have patience. Work continuously.

Tip 1: Master the Java Language Syntax & OO principles.

The first step is to buy any Java Text book and start learning its syntax. There are plenty of books available in the market on Java and you can choose any. Also, the Java language specification can be read online at Oracle’s site. Once you get a first hand feel of the Java Syntax, start  once again from first. This time, start looking at Java in an object oriented way. Understand what exactly are the object oriented principles involved in Java. Understand how to apply object oriented principles of Java while programming. Budding programmers with a C programming background would always have a tendency to write Java code in  a procedural way. This should be avoided as the beauty of Java lies in its Object Oriented nature. Just alone reading or knowing the Object Oriented feature definitions are not enough. You got to have a thorough understanding of its applications in real-world. If self-learning takes time, then, I would suggest you to join any of the best Java classes in Bangalore.

Tip 2: Master the Java APIs.

The greatest asset of any great Java Developer is his ultimate knowledge about APIs related to Threading, Collections, Generics, Networking etc. The strength of a great Java Developer always lies in how many core Java APIs that he/she can remember. The knowledge of core Java APIs always comes handy when you are working real-time. There is no harm in learning and mastering as much as Java APIs as possible. How much ever time you spend time in learning Java APIs, it is still considered less. Spend loads of time learning core Java APIs and start programming on it. The best way to remember core Java APIs is to program on it. And when it comes to web-programming, the knowledge of Servlets and JSP is a must.

Tip 3: Practice ! Practice ! Practice !

“Practice makes man perfect” is an old saying. “Practice makes not only man, even woman perfect”. Genius is not a result of a inborn ability, but, deliberate practice and relentless pursuit for mastery. Keep practicing and programming every day and you can always see a better Java programmer evolving in you.

Tip 4: Explore Open Source & Be part of larger online Java community.

The best way to learn professional programming is by seeing, understanding and learning from what other professional programmers have done. To do this, the only option is to explore plenty of code lying there on the Open Source. Not only just exploring the already written code, try to add yours as part of it and get it reviewed from peers in the Open Source World. There are plenty of online Java Community and 1000s of Java Developers as part of those communities. Become a member of those communities and start interacting with the fellow community members. As every community member would be like minded professionals, you can learn more from them.

Tip 5: Teach / Share your knowledge.

Another best way to learn and become a Great Java Developer is to teach others. The best of learning happens when you start teaching others. Teaching need not be a class-room teaching session, it can also be indirectly in the form of blogs. Encourage others to comment on your technical blogs and build an online community of yours. Get more people to share their ideas on your blogs and make it a great place for learning and sharing knowledge. Being recognised by 1000s of people for your good work on Java is also a great sign or attitude of become a great Java Developer.

All  the best !

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  • Tejashwini  April 7, 2016 at 5:43 pm

    I wanna learn Java n master on it.. Please guide me..

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    The above five steps are very useful for the java learners and java beginners.
    all the java learners compulsory read this article .You article way of writing is very good thanks for sharing a nice article

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    so nice concept

  • Yoga  January 1, 2017 at 9:41 am

    Nice Article Sir.

    Great Insight for students.


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