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Core java training

Become the VIRAT KOHLI of Java Programming!!

I’m a big fan of Virat Kohli. I always admire his batting style, energy & stamina. Moreover I understood that , it is his sheer passion that has made him one of the most admired batsman of recent times.

While watching one of his matches, I strongly felt, I have to make my students become like Virat Kohli when it comes to programming. Hence this course was designed to create the best Java programmers to the IT industry.

– Subhash K U


What is taught in the course?

  • Java programming language(Level 1) [Level from basics to advance]
  • Logical problem solving methodologies.
  • Solving objective type questions in Java
  • Solving tough Java programming interview questions.

Who should join the course?

  • Anybody who wish to learn & master Java programming from basics to advanced level
  • Anybody who wish to crack tough Java programming interview with ease.

Course Contents – Level – 1

Basic Java Core Java Advance Java
– Introduction to Computers, Programs & Java – Single-Dimensional Arrays – GUI Basics
– Elementary Programming – Multi-Dimensional Arrays – Graphics
– Selections – Objects & Classes – Event-Driven Programming
– Loops – Strings – GUI Components
– Methods & Recursion – Thinking in Objects – Applets & Multimedia
Slide left to view the complete course contentsarrow_anim_left – Inheritance & Polymorphism – Binary I/O
– Abstract Classes & Interfaces – Collections
– Exception Handling & Text I/O – Networking
– Synchronization
– Serialization
– Multithreading

Course Contents – Level – 2

NOTE: Admission given to students who completes Level – 1
JDBC Servlet JSP
– JDBC Drivers – Servlet – Basics of JSP
– Steps to connect to the database – ServletRequest – Scripting elements
– Connectivity with Oracle – Servlet Collaboration – 9 Implicit Objects
– Connectivity with MySQL – ServletConfig – Directive Elements
– Connectivity with Access without DSN – ServletContext – Action Elements
– DriverManager – Attribute – Expression Language
– Connection interface – Session Tracking – MVC in JSP
– Connection interface – Session Tracking – MVC in JSP
– Statement interface – Event and Listener – JSTL
– ResultSet interface – Filter
– PreparedStatement – ServletInputStream and ServletOutputStream
– ResultSetMetaData
– DatabaseMetaData
– Storing image
– Retrieving image
– Storing file
– Retrieving file
– Stored procedures and functions
– Transaction Management
– Batch Processing

Who is your Coach?

  • India’s most liked Programming Trainer with 1 lakh + likes on Facebook
  • Co-author of “Cracking the C, C++ & Java interview” published by McGraw Hill publications
  • Trained more than 25,000+ students, working professional in the area of programming languages
  • Worked in companies like SPA computers, Mascon Global Limited, Motorola, GE healthcare as Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer & Design Engineer.
  • A visiting speaker to various colleges & MNCs



“I started to just love programming after attending your classes”
Suman Gupta,,
Student, PES Institute of Technology


“No other teacher can make Java programming so much fun & interactive. Hats off to you sir”
Kiran Kumar,
Software Developer, DELL International


I could crack 3 programming interviews easily, immediately after attending your class. Thank you for all the interview cracking tips.
Swathi Reddy,,
Software Developer, Accenture


I never thought Java learning could be that easy until I attended your classes. Firstly I like to thank my friend who introduced me to classes or else I would have missed one of the best teacher of life.
Chaitanya Ravi,,
Student, Acharya Institute of Technology

What is the Course FEE?

Level – 1
Rs 7080/-
(For FIRST 50 Students)
Rs 9440/-
(For NEXT 25 Students)


75 seats per batch
July batch filled
August batch filled

Don’t miss the
October batch!!

Level – 2

DATE: 7th October – 26th November, 2017
DURATION: 2 months | SAT – SUN
TIME: SAT – (5:30 pm – 7:30 pm)

SUN – (8:30 am – 2:00 pm)

VENUE: Ammani College,
Malleshwaram 18th cross,


Subhash Programming Classes
  1. All classes are handled by India’s most liked trainer and Author of best-selling book on “Cracking the C, C++ and Java Interviews” – Mr.Subhash.K.U. who is followed by 1lakh+ fans on Facebook. No compromise on teaching quality.
  2. 95% of all interview questions comes from our classes. This is our challenge.
  3. Course Fee refunded even after 3 days of classes if you are not satisfied with Subhash.K.U’s teaching.
  4. Industry-oriented training methodology specially designed by our Principal Mentor Mr.Subhash.K.U to make every candidate equivalent to 2+ years of industry experienced.
Other Institutes
  1. Teachers keep changing. You don’t have any idea about who would take your next class. And most importantly, you can’t even compare them to Subhash.K.U. Sometimes they are just looking out for a job themselves along with students. Teachers do not have any industry experience.
  2. Can’t even dream of this challenge
  3. No Refund. Not even after 5 minutes of payment
  4. Just teach you basics of programming.

Being in the IT industry is becoming challenging for all individuals. Sticking to one or two languages in software will do no good to the career. Learning newer languages will make you more adaptable to the competitive environment in the professional world. Get good quality coaching with us and see how your future becomes bright.

Reasons for learning  :

Java is present almost everywhere and learning this language puts you in a good position to acquire high quality jobs. We are the best java training center in Bangalore and we help everyone acquire the knowledge ease. Support from the community will be offered with full language orientation and good skills of the language. Plenty of open source frameworks are available for the learner and yet learning from trained instructors is the key to proper understanding and this is where we come in to the picture.

Objectives of learning :

Being one of the best java coaching centers in Bangalore, we make sure that beginners feel comfortable with the programming language being taught and ensure that they get hands on experience. They acquire high level of confidence to work on java applications with the objective concepts. The learners will become experts in handling collection of framework to satisfy the company objectives.

Results of learning :

Being one of the best java coaching centers in Bangalore, we employ the best trainers in the industry who have expertise in the language and are good teachers as well.

By the end of the course, you will have better conception on various Java basics such as classes, objects, interfaces and so on. You will also master multithreading concept, using JDBC, learn about abstract classes and interfaces and completely master concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, encapsulation and abstraction.

Why wait when you can master Java? Get in touch right away!