How to set up Java Run-Time environment for beginners !

My name is Subhash.K.U. I work as Principal Mentor at Subhash Programming Classes helping fresh engineering graduates and professionals crack their programming interviews through C, C++, Data Structures, Java and Linux Programming. 

In this blog, I have given the very basic steps that one should follow to get his first Java program running. It is only a matter of minutes. Once you start, there won’t be anyone to stop you :) 

Note:  I would suggest you to open a new tab in your browser and then follow the below steps one by one.

Step – 1:

Download and install the JDK from the below link. Choose an option based on which system you intend to work.

Download JDK From Here !

DownloadJDK - Copy

Step – 2:

Set up the path. Take the path from (a) and Copy it to (b):

 (a) My Computer -> C:Drive -> Program File(x86) -> Java -> jdk1.x.x -> bin

Take Java Path JDK From Here

(b) Right Click My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> System Variables -> Path

Setting Java Path

Step – 3:

a. Create a folder in the D: directory named AllMyJavaPrograms ( You can create folder with any name of your choice)

b. Open Notepad by following the simple steps:

               i. Search for notepad in the search icon, click on NotePad.

Java Notepad                   ii. Type the code into the editor

Java Program Entry

                     iii. Save the file as inside D:\AllMyJavaPrograms. Let the Save as type be Text Documents (*.txt)

c.  Open command line window by typing cmd on the command prompt.

               i. Type d:

               ii. Type cd AllMyJavaPrograms

               iii. Type dir ( You will see your first program file in it )

                iv. Type javac (Compiling the java source)

                 v. Type dir (Now you will see your first byte code file along with the source file with extension .class – if the source file compiled successfully without any errors.)

                 vi. Type java MyFirstProgram (Your program is run)

Java Code Execution

You are now ready. Go ahead and start working on more Java Programs ! Welcome to the world of Application Programming through Java Programming Language. All the best !

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